July 5, 2009


It is July 5th and I spent part of the day enjoying the sun and I manged to finish reading Douglas Coupland's Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture which I borrowed from the library months ago. It was great novel...I really ought to read more this summer.

Anyway I was on the porch looking around and I noticed all the American flags I could see...and realized this could be any town...not that Boston could be Anytown, USA but the area I live by, the homes with the small fences and the American flags out front and the small yard out back could be placed in towns across the country and not be all that out of place.

Maybe I was thinking that way because I spent last night at a traditional 4th of July Celebration in Newton, Massachusetts. Here's a few pictures:

Judging from my earlier post partially about obesity you can't spell American without fried dough.

Although some may say it's no longer cool...this 4th of July really was one of those idyllic family moments.

And what we waited all night to see (better than expected):

...hopefully I'll truly celebrate Canada Day next year.

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