May 17, 2009

Hot Summer Nights- The Aquabats!

I was first turned on the The Aquabats! about two years ago in Squamish, BC. I came across this song after a relationship ended at the final days of the summer. Listening to the song I couldn't help but laugh...that's one thing I've found about music...that across different genres of music there's something to connect with. It's really interesting to go back and listen to songs years later and think about how they have impacted me.

This summer I've been incredibly fortunate to be working at Berklee College of Music in the Student Activities Center. This fall I'll be carrying on my appreciation of quality music as your (The Argosy's, Mount Allison's Independent Student Newspaper) Entertainment Writer. For now enjoy Hot Summer Nights (Won't Last Forever) by The Aquabats!

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