May 20, 2009

Berklee College of Music Twelve-Week Full-Credit Summer Program

As I wrote earlier, I am fortunate enough to be working at the Berklee College of Music in Boston this summer. I'm helping in organizing and executing orientation and summer events and activities for 12 and 5-week program students among other things in the Student Activities Center. Today was the first day of the Twelve-Week Full-Credit Summer Program. It is a full Berklee semester of core classes at Berklee available to those with years of formal music training.

One memorable moment so far was as part of the orientation team introducing myself...and having to admit I didn't actually go to Berklee (almost everybody else involved in orientation is either a Berklee student or graduate) which resulted in a pretty good laugh. I mentioned that I wish I had enough talent to go to Berklee... which earned a few more laughs. I really don't mind. I know what my talents/interests are and Berklee-quality musician isn't one of them. Berklee is a pretty amazing place...and it'll get even more crowded and interesting in the next month.

For anybody who is interested in attending next year here is the twelve-week information from the Summer Programs website:


Discover Berklee this summer
See for yourself what Berklee College of Music is all about. Develop your musicianship, make professional contacts, explore careers in music–all while earning college credit.

What courses will you take?
During the summer semester, your classes will include:

  • Private instruction (two credits, one 30-minute lesson per week)
  • Instrumental/vocal labs or ensembles (one credit)
  • Ear training (three credits)
  • Harmony (two credits)
  • Introduction to Music Technology (two credits)
  • Writing skills or arranging (two credits)

At the start of the program, you'll take the Entering Student Placement Assessment, which will allow us to determine your instrumental training and theory levels. This process will enable us to place you with students of similar abilities in order to maximize your musical progress. And, with almost 35 percent of our students being from countries other than the United States, you're sure to be playing and working with students from a variety of different backgrounds and musical experiences. This diversity provides a dynamic setting for an incomparable interchange of styles, ideas, and experiences–a great way to spend your summer.

Experience more than course work As a student in the Full-Credit Summer Program, you will have access to the college's many resources and facilities, including:

  • Career Development Center
  • Counseling Center
  • Ensemble rehearsal rooms
  • Jam sessions with fellow students
  • Learning Center
  • Practice rooms
  • Stan Getz Media Center and Library
  • Student Activities Center
  • Student clubs
  • Student discounts on tickets to Berklee concerts
  • Visiting artist clinics

What is Boston like in the summer?
The college's concentrated musical environment is well balanced by the relaxed pace of summer in Boston. The city offers a special array of concerts and cultural events throughout the summer months, many of them free to the public and within walking distance from the college. The proximity of Boston to the Atlantic Ocean and the lakes and mountains of New England provides a variety of recreational opportunities on weekends.

Limited on-campus housing is available for students attending the full-credit program. Once you have been accepted to the program and have submitted a $100 tuition prepayment, you will be sent a housing application, if residence hall space is still available (prepayments are deducted from remaining fees). Please be aware that students must be 17 years of age by the start of the program in order to stay in the Berklee residence halls.

2009 Calendar

  • New Student Orientation Begins May 20
  • Check-in May 21–22
  • Memorial Day (college closed) May 25
  • Instruction Begins May 27
  • Independence Day (college closed) July 4
  • Examinations August 10–14


Join music students from all over the world for a summer semester in Boston. In only 12 weeks, you will complete the first semester of Berklee's regular college-level Core Curriculum. The Full-Credit Summer Program offers you the opportunity to explore Berklee on a summer-only basis. Normally, you must be a full-time student seeking a degree or diploma in order to earn a full semester of credits. For admission into the program you must be at least 16 years old by the start of the program. You'll also need a minimum of two years of formal music training or experience on your principal instrument or voice, and good working knowledge/familiarity with the written fundamentals of music theory (including rhythmic notation, melodic notation in treble and bass clefs, key signatures, major and minor scales, intervals, and construction of triads and seventh chords). Because you'll be enrolled in classes with full-time students, it's important that your musical abilities and written theory and ear training skills are at a compatible level.

Would you like to enroll as a full-time student?
After completing the Full-Credit Summer Program, you may decide that you want to continue your studies at Berklee as a full-time degree or diploma student. To be considered for acceptance, you will need to submit a full-time application and all of the required supporting documents by November. If you are accepted, the credits you've earned during the summer will be applied to your program and course schedule. Should you decide to study elsewhere, you may be able to transfer your Berklee credits to that institution (depending on its transfer credit policy).


Tuition and fees

  • Application Fee (nonrefundable)1 $50
  • Tuition Prepayment (nonrefundable)2 $100
  • Tuition $10,960
  • Health Insurance3 $572
  • Accident Insurance $32
  • Tuition Insurance $140
  • Comprehensive Fee4 $350
  • Housing Deposit $300
  • Residence Hall Fees $6,408

*Please note: All fees are subject to change.

1The application fee is a one-time fee.
2Prepayments are deducted from remaining fees.
3Estimated fee, subject to change. Required of students not submitting an insurance waiver.
4Comprehensive fee for all full-time students.

Note: All tuition and fees are payable on or before registration day. Scholarships and financial aid are not available for the Full-Credit Summer Program.

Accepted Students
If you have been accepted to the program and would like to pay your tuition, housing (if applicable), or other fees online, visit our online payment website. Your Berklee ID number is required in order for the payment to be posted to your student account. Refer to your acceptance letter or tuition bill if you are not sure what your student Berklee ID number is. Please note: Only MasterCard, Discover, and American Express can be used when making online payments. Visa is NOT accepted.


Ready to apply?
Just download and fill out the application and music reference forms (please make sure to fill in every question as thoroughly as possible). The music reference form should be filled out by an instructor or other reference qualified to comment on your musical ability as it pertains to your principal instrument and your theory abilities. If you would like to submit additional references, please make copies of this form. The music reference form should be submitted with your application.

If English is not your primary language, you will also need to submit a copy of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores or a recommendation letter from a source familiar with your ability to speak, write, and understand spoken English (such as a teacher or academic counselor). Download the Berklee English recommendation form.

It costs $50 to apply for the Full-Credit Summer Program. Please submit a check with your application, or fill out the payment authorization form on the application to pay by credit card.

For more information
Write to us at: Office of Admissions
Berklee College of Music
1140 Boylston Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02215-3639, U.S.A.

Call us at: (800) BERKLEE (within the U.S. and Canada)
(800) 421-0084 (within the U.S. and Canada)
(617) 747-2222
Fax: (617) 747-2047

E-mail us at:

Visit us at: 921 Boylston Street
Suite 600
Boston, Massachusetts

International Students
International students are required to obtain a valid Form I-20 and F-1 student visa to enroll in this program. You may NOT participate in the program on a tourist visa. For information on how to obtain a Form I-20, please email the Office of Admissions


  1. Hi Geoff, I've just been reading your post...I'm from Slovenia, EU, and I also graduated from International Relations. Now I'm seriously considering studying jazz singing at Berklee and I'm kinda this summer program that you write about a mandatory Berklee semester for every full-time Berklee student? Or is it just optional? If mandatory, does this mean that Berklee academic year consists of 3 semesters, and you have to calculate the tuition fee for one year by adding together the 3 of them?

    This is just for starters...I'll be most grateful for your response.
    Best, Blaz (

  2. blaz: The 12-Week Program is seperate from full-time studies. Berklee students can study over the summer but the information above is about the program for non-full time students. To apply to be a full time student see