January 4, 2009

Ramble On: Going Back to Mount Allison

It's the night before my trip back to Mount Allison, but I've postdated this for 11:45 AM Eastern Standard Time on January 4th 2009 and by then will be sitting on a bus on my way back to Mount Allison. I thought I would take a second to recognize the importance of this trip back. These past couple weeks have been the longest time I've been away from Mount Allison and everybody there, and my first trip back to Mount Allison from my home in Boson. It's been good to be back home, and now it's time to return to University life.

By the end of today I'll have been traveling for 15 hours by car and bus. I'll be really tired and restless, but it will be great to see my friends again.

But for now, I'm in Bangor, Maine, and I'm just about to leave for the last eight and a half hours of my trip. I'll leave you with Led Zeppelin's Ramble On performed by the Foo Fighters, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. I wish I could have been there.

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  1. Good luck to you in the New Year, new semester, and wish you all the best!