January 18, 2009

Day in the Life Part One: Waking Up and Going to Class and a Map of Mount Allison University

I'd like to introduce the first of a multi-part series of a C-grade unnecessarily corny documentary about daily life at Mount Allison University.

Part of the sort of unease that I know a lot of high school seniors feel about leaving everything behind and going to University is that it is a completely new environment and that nothing is familiar. One of the things that in a way eased my anxiety was visiting and seeing where everything is. Seeing where I might sleep, eat, and go to class made it feel a little more familiar and the change not as daunting as some imagine it may be.

While nowhere near as good as a tour, I thought I'd take a few pictures in the hopes of giving you some idea of daily life at Mount Allison. So, without further adieu, here is part one of Daily Life at Mount Allison:

Wake up
Sometimes, it takes a little encouragement to get out of bed in the morning.
(Campbell Hall)

"North Quad" with Windsor residence on the right, Jennings Dining Hall just to the left of that, and Harper left of that. Harper is connected to meal hall, which makes some jealous when it is -30C.

Caffeine-A faithful friend to many

Morning Classes
(Sleeping...or meditating on unconsciousness?)

Sometimes classes can be a little slow

But most of the time (as with mine) they can be enthralling. (Great acting, eh?)

Lectures can be mind-expandingly cutting edge.
(One of the smaller classroom in Crabtree, across from the Library)

Fresh air helps...but it was -25C...so they were frozen in place.
(Picture taken between the library (left out of frame) and Crabtree (out of frame). On the left is the Chapel, Centennial Hall in the far background behind the tree, and Barclay Chemistry Building on the right)

And to give you a general idea of campus below is a map. For better map, I'd rec recommend Mt Allison's fairly cool virtual tour.

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