October 29, 2012

Geoff Campbell, storified


So I'm back for a minute. Readers of this blog probably know more about me than on my new one but I thought I'd share a post I just made there regarding my new Storify post. Here goes. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

So if you're familiar with my experience you may know I've been using this cool social media curation service called Storify.
I've used it to collect reactions to the 20 tips for first-year students video project I worked on at Mount Allison University. I also put together a little story around creating NPR's Facebook pagea polar bear's visit to Mount Allisona conference I did all the tech work for at The Argosy, tracking a norovirus outbreak in Victoria, BC (a study in crisis communication), and a number of speeches and discussions.
However, I didn't really used it to tell a story about me. After a couple months working at a Multimedia Storytelling Research Assistant here at the Newhouse School I figured I'd give it a shot. Ideally (if I had more time), it would be about twice as long and include a bit about my change in self-identification as American while living in Canada, about moving around North America while growing upshifting gears from International Relations to social media communication, and other meaningful influences. Nevertheless, it was interesting finding things online with which to tell the story of who I am.
So, here's Geoff Campbell, storified. Feel free to let me know here or there what you think.

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