January 13, 2012

Canadian University Press Archipelago (74th Annual National Conference)

I got in yesterday to the Canadian University Press' 74th Annual National Conference known as Archipelago (as each member paper is like an island in an archipelago). Anyway it was a long flight in but it has been a great conference so far. I'll be writing more specifically about what I've learned later this week for my report/presentation to the Argosy Editors' meeting on Wednesday but right now I'll provide some information on the presentations I've appreciated/learned the most from so far and the ones I'm most looking forward to tomorrow and Saturday.

So far:

And still to come:

and a professional critique of Argosy.ca by Josh O'Kane, a web editor for the Globe and Mail:

It has been really busy couple of days and I'll be exhausted and I'll have a lot of academic and other work to catch up on when I get back but I think it'll have been worth the time and energy coming out here to meet with hundreds of other people working for student newspapers and to learn from working professionals.

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