November 27, 2011

Amnesty International campaigner visits campus

Last Thursday, Amnesty International Mount Allison Hosted Craig Benjamin, Amnesty International Canada's Human Rights Campaigner for Aboriginal Peoples. I organized the visit and the Centre for International Studies provided much appreciated funding. I think it was an important event so I wrote about it for the Argosy. Below is a snippet. You can read the full story at

Amnesty International campaigner visits campusPhoto Caption: (from left to right) Advait Vij, Geoffrey Campbell, Craig Benjamin, and Aya Al-Shalchi in front of a poster in support of disappeared Columbian indigenous leader Kimy Domic√≥

Amnesty International (AI) recently stated that, “globally, Canada’s standing as a reliable human rights champion has dropped precipitously.” This is due to a number of actions that the Canadian government has taken to undermine universal human rights principles, chief among them respect for the human rights of Aboriginal Peoples. On November 17, Craig Benjamin addressed Mount Allison students, shedding light on this issue.