May 10, 2011

Be photographed with a bear at Mount Allison University

Yes...there's a bear at Mount Allison. least there will be during on Convocation Day, May 16th 2011. The bear, who happens to be named Ursula, will be visiting Mount Allison as part of a five-month cross-Canada tour to promote higher education in Canada sponsored by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC).

Ursula, the 46cm tall wooden AUCC mascot, is making the trip to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the AUCC and the beginning of the national dialogue of the group's annual meeting of University and College presidents. She is posting photos of her travels on her blog and Facebook page, and tweeting about her experience.

As part of my new job as Communications Assistant for Mount Allison I will be taking Ursula on a tour of campus and photographing her during the day. To all students, faculty, and staff: If you'd like to be in a photo with Ursula simply ask and I'm sure Ursula will have no problem being in a photo with you as we celebrate the graduation of the class of 2011. See you there.

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