April 24, 2011

Seeing the Big Picture at Mount Allison University: International Relations Degree Audit 2011-2012

So I've mentioned (and have posted videos of other IR students saying) before how flexible the International Relations degree at Mount Allison is. Well it's the end of third year and I've finally turned all that flexibility into a degree. I've already enrolled in all these classes and assuming I don't fail anything I'm going to be graduating with an Honours in International Relations in May 2012. 

When I did days of research on the topic and posted here about it earlier, I decided these was no actual use for one in my case. I was considering a minor in History, but seeing as how an IR degree requires History courses and allows for others, taking the couple extra history courses I would need wouldn't demonstrate any skills that the Honours degree already has. In addition, many grad school applications do not even include a space to include minor on the form, some schools (including Yale) do not offer minors, and the consensus seems to be that unless having a minor demonstrates an added skill (as it would if I minored in Physics or Music) but that it's not a requirement and sometimes not even considered by many grad schools or employers, especially if you're getting an Honours degree.

Here is the list of the 2011-2012 degree audit forms. As the registrar's office states "Students with continuous enrollment may follow the curriculum under any one calendar in effect during their registration at Mount Allison." So you can pick and choose which calendar to graduate under. The degree requirements generally don't vary drastically but courses change and a small change in requirements can allow for more flexibility. Thankfully I will be graduating without having to request any special deviation from the calendar requirements. But if you've taken courses and successfully argue they should count then you can alter your degree (generally by a maximum of 6 credits).

It's a pretty great feeling to finally have all the boxes checked. Now just to finish my finals this year and take some pretty awesome classes next.

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