February 19, 2011

Will they strike, won't they? A final end to the Mount Allison Faculty Negotiations

If you've been around campus or reading local news or the CBC, or the Canadian University Press' bureau chief's blog at Macleans on campus you've probably heard that there have been some tough negotiations between the faculty and administration here at Mount Allison. You've probably heard different opinions about if, when, and why the faculty would strike. Fortunately, all of that is now moot as both sides have finally, after negotiating a new contract since May, come to a tentative agreement which ends the risk of a lock out or strike. Tensions were fairly high at times, especially after the Mount Allison Faculty Association (MAFA) rejected the Conciliation board's report, were in a legal position to strike, and MAFA's president implied it wasn't their first choice but would be an option.

Anyway it seems as though there is now only the formalities of the Board of Regents and MAFA signing off on the agreements it took around nine months to come to. I for one am glad both sides could finally come to an agreement without interrupting the semester.

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