February 4, 2011

An American Turning 21 in Canada

So yeah...this past weekend was my birthday. I turned 21 and went to the pub with a few of my friends. I didn't drink 21 shots or anywhere near that many (which is an American 'coming of age' ritual which is "far more common than expected" according to the New York Times). It was nice and relaxed night, without any of the pressure to binge drink that many American college students face. Even having been drinking here since I turned 19, it's only now that I feel like I can "actually" drink. It'll be especially nice to get some reasonably priced alcohol (1/2 the Canadian price) next time I'm back home, and I'll especially at the Duty Free coming back here for my 4th and final year at Mount Allison.

This wasn't me on my 21st birthday

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  1. Jeebus Geoff - happy, happy. Go for it. The 20's are the very best years of life. Full bore!