January 25, 2011

Aja Cooper at Mount Allison University

As I earlier mentioned, I've been taking a series of short videos related to Mount Allison. These videos are meant to be an informal, candid talk about Mount Allison. I'd also recommend the videos the school produced a couple years ago, but I thought it would be important for you, the high school senior, to also  be able to hear from students in a way that hopefully seems more person to person as opposed to person to camera. I hope that these videos will help you hear from students in a way where you can really see yourself here. What I've noticed is that there tends to be some overlap between these and the school produced videos because sometimes the 'selling points' of the school absolutely true and are strong motivators to come here, but there's also some other things that are hard to put into a brochure or for the school itself to claim and be believable...so my goal has been to provide as human  a discussion about Mount Allison as possible.

One of these videos features my good friend Aja Cooper. I'll let Aja speak for herself:

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