December 10, 2010

Ask a current student about Academics, Campus Life, Residences, Extracurriculars, Athletics & Fitness, Study Abroad, Events at Mount Allison University

I have been messaged from time to time about Mount Allison from perspective students but I've always wondered if there were any important topics I wasn't covering enough (or at all) that high school seniors want to know when deciding whether or not to come to Mount Allison. If there is anything you'd like to know from the perspective of a third-year American student at Mount Allison or anything I should write about that I haven't already feel free to comment below.


  1. can u talk about how it is getting student loan through FAFSA to go to school there?

  2. Yes absolutely. You can find detailed information about all forms of student aid in Mount Allison's Official Financial Guide:
    Currently, you can use Stafford loans towards student fees at Mount Allison. See the guide and/or e-mail for more information. I will soon write a post about financial aid at Mount Allison. Thank you for your question.