November 12, 2009

"There will be no single rooms in Campbell Hall at Mount Allison University next year!" : a reasonable assumption.

The somehow ever increasing hoards of frosh that come to meal hall every night coupled with new staff training on remembrance day (where dining hours were drastically cut) resulted in a wait of almost half an hour. During this time baseless rumors were hurled about in the residence situation. Judging from the sudden and unannounced transforming of dozens of rooms all over campus to above original capacity due to higher than expected enrollment it is reasonable to not immediately disbelieve rumours the school may turn the formerly single-room Campbell Hall into all double rooms. It seems reasonable to adjust the newest residence to adjust to increasing admissions numbers, but as was expressed during the planning phase of Campbell Hall future needs also need to be taken into account.

In the Facilities Master Plan (still up as of today), under the section "Building a Future- Residence Plans" the school explicitly states the justification for the new high-quality residence. "Mount Allison must be proactive in keeping its facilities upgraded or we risk losing students to other universities that may be better suited to their residential needs."

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