October 11, 2009

Much more to come...

I'm very sorry I haven't been updating this blog as often as I should. It has been a very busy few weeks since I landed in Moncton. There have been some changes at Mount Allison and among friends and this intractible notion realization that might best be described as "hey...this is my second year". There's really nothing like the feeling of sudden newness and freedom your first year at University. Second year means more classes you're interested in but also really having to choose priorities as classes are more demanding (sorry class of 2013...you'll have to eventually study in order to graduate).

Depending on if you've decided your major or not you'll hopefully tackling the core courses and finishing up the distribution requirements. This Thanksgiving weekend I, along with a few of my friends whose families live far away, am one of the few people staying on campus. With the sometimes frantic pace of University life it's nice to take a few days to have time to get on top of everything. Right now I'm reviewing Geography of Economic Activity (GENV 2201), specifically the geography of global financial centres... and it (along with other classes this semester) has really assured me that IR is the right path for me.

I'll be writing about classes, my experience writing for the Argosy (focusing on the Sackville live music scene and the importance of geography), possible summer plans, and much more in the days to come.

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