July 23, 2009

Welcome to the Class of 2013/Residences:North and South/Grammar Lesson/Student Center

I've been checking on the incoming class of 2013 through the Facebook group| every now and then and I've noticed that every year seems to be the same...constant anxiety, excitement, confusion and happiness about coming to Mount Allison University. Recently the school has mailed housing letters...which students have impatiently waited for.

This year things are going to be a little bit different than last year considering the housing situation and lessons learned from last year, but chances are you'll get your letter by the end of August. Haha. Just kidding. If they were all sent on the same day then the day you get your letter will depend on your location...but if not it could end up that people in India get their letters before those in New England...but you'll get your letter soon (but not soon enough, I was there too). And in most cases you'll be more than happy in your living arrangements...unless of course you live on south side...then...I'm sorry. Just kidding.

You'll notice there's a bit of a rivalry fought out between the "North" and "South" sides of campus seen most intensely during orientation week and especially at the North Side/South Side water fight (which...not surprisingly North Side has won every year since I've been a student at Mount Allison. But after the drama and excitement of the first few weeks things calm down a bit with the implicit understanding that North Side is better.

I just wanted to be sure to point out a couple things to new students. Mount Allison University is never referred to as MAU. Ever. Don't call it MAU. The correct names for Mount Allison University are Mt. Allison, Mount Allison, Mt. A, or even MTA but never, under any circumstances should you refer to it as MAU.

Secondly the SAC stands for Students' Administrative Council. Not the Student's Administrave Council or Student Administration Council. Just thought I'd clear that up. You'll notice things like that if you have a grammar book for your first year english class as well.

Also, since your class is lucky enough to be entering with the Student Center fully functional there is some information you should know. There is a lot of information that this year's orientation team has put together that has improved over last year. Make sure you check out the Orientation Newsletter because it is one of the most complete sources of information you'll need to know.

Below is a welcoming letter from President Campbell (he really is as nice in person as he is on paper) and for your convienince is the directory for the Student Center...you lucky rascals.

Dr. Robert Campbell
On behalf of the entire Mount Allison community, I would love to
welcome you and wish you a wonderful orientation to the university.
This program is a wonderful opportunity to familiarize yourselves
with the institution - its people and places. I hope that you can take
every opportunity that the Orientation Committee has provided for
you. This experience can be a solid and useful basis for success this
year and in coming years at Mount Allison.
I look forward to meeting you all during this period and at future
events. Have a great Orientation, and a wonderful year. Welcome,
and good luck! Don’t hesitate to contact me - even if it’s just for a
good chat.

Sincerely -
Robert Campbell, President.

Wallace McCain Student Centre

From the Ground Up:

Ground Floor:

Book Store ‐ Open 8:30–4:30 Monday to Friday Offers Mount Allison University clothing, MTA miscellaneous items, Parcel pick‐up, fine Arts Supplies, Picture ID, copy centre, and binding.

Wellness Centre – Career Counselling, Academic Skills Workshops, Personal Counselling, Disability Services, Academic Mentors, Writing Resource Tutors, Beautiful Minds Online peer support forum, S.H.A.R.E. (Sexual Harassment & Assault Response & Education) Health Services, Clinical Services, Health promotion initiatives, health knowledge, testing, counseling, and referrals. Please see website for details.

Laundromat ‐ Of all the places to find washers and Dryers! Here is an on‐campus Laundromat where you can also observe from your computer the time remaining on the machines.

Banking Machine – Located in alcove with the vending machines

Vending Machines – Located in alcove

Mail Boxes – Assigned Mail box holds individual students mail

CafĂ© – Open – Monday‐Wednesday 8am‐6pm Thursday‐ Friday 8am‐12midnight Saturday 11am‐12 midnight Closed Sunday Cash or MTA money Provides a variety of food items and services.

Tantramarsh Pub – Open 11 am to 2 am. Offers beer, mixed drinks and draft, pool tables, entertainment on Wednesday nights

Fitness Centre – Open 6 am‐10 pm Monday to Friday See web page for Weekend hours. Offers dance Society, Yoga (drop‐in & classes) Salsa Club, Aerobics, Step & Sculpt MTA Identification Card required for admission

First Floor:

Main Entrance

Student Administration Council (SAC) – Office of Student Administration Council provides representation for entire student body on National, Provincial, and Municipal levels of Government as well as within Mount Allison University. Home to all University Clubs, Entertainment,Year Book, Orientation, and Bar Services.

Tweedie Hall – Conference room

Bermuda Wing – Conference and meeting rooms

Security ‐ Security Office Information centre

Second Floor:

Student Life – VP Student Affairs Office, Chaplain’s Office, Manager of Student Affairs Office, Provides services for students seeking assistance with all aspects of University Life – off or on campus students

All Nations Lounge – space for all students to utilize.

International Centre ‐ services offered through the International Centre are concerned: For Inbound International Students (Pronoti): ‐ Pre‐departure information and orientation ‐ Upon arrival, academic orientation + introduction to residence and social life ‐ Information about and help with applying for study permits, work permits and Temporary Resident Visas ‐ Help with purchasing and using Mount Allison's recommended health insurance plan ‐ Support for students who require extra time to complete mid‐terms and exams ‐ Develop and maintain initiatives and programs to promote internationalization on campus ‐ First point of contact for students facing any issues which may require a referral to other departments or colleagues on campus For Out Bound Study‐Abroad & Exchange Students (Adam & Pronoti): ‐ Providing students with information about MTA's study‐abroad and exchange programs (A&P) ‐ Help students with completing MTA's study‐abroad and exchange program application form (A&P) ‐ liaising with faculty and Student Services throughout and following the selection process (A&P) ‐ ensuring successful study‐abroad and exchange candidates complete the necessary pre‐departure paperwork and training (A&P) ‐ following up formally with students following the completion of their international program Study‐Abroad and Exchange Programs in General (Adam): ‐ working with staff and faculty to develop new study‐abroad and exchange opportunities; ‐ drafting, revising, and concluding formal agreements with new study‐abroad and exchange partners; ‐ working with other branches of the university to find internal and external sources of funding for student mobility (e.g. bursaries & scholarships for int'l programs); ‐ helping to coordinate the visits of representatives of partner institutions and associations; ‐ promoting international events and greater international awareness among staff, faculty, and students on campus ‐ representing MTA at national and international conferences (A&P) For Mount Allison Sophomore Semester in English (MASSIE) Students (Adam): ‐ pre‐departure information for visiting Japanese students (while they're still in Japan); ‐ general orientation once the students are on campus;

‐ hiring teachers for MASSIE's ESL program; ‐ assigning MTA student volunteers as roommates and conversation partners; ‐ hiring MTA students as summertime residence monitors; ‐ overseeing the planning and direction of MASSIE students' trips and activities (including collecting money for optional trips); ‐ overseeing the academic component of the MASSIE program; ‐ overseeing the MASSIE students' 2‐week volunteer schedule at the end of the program; ‐ overseeing the KGU exchange aspect of the MASSIE Program; Student Services – Registrar, Admissions, Fee Payment, Financial Aid, Student Records, Continuous Learning, Campus Tours, Data Analysis.

Third Floor:

Meighen Centre ‐ Provides the following services to students with learning disabilities: Accommodations for writing tests and examinations; academic counseling; peer tutoring; note taking services; help applying for Canada Study Grants; help applying for Canada Access grants for Students with Permanent Disabilities; help obtaining alternate format texts; and advocacy with faculty and staff.

Argosy Student Newspaper – Office of the Argosy staff.

CMHA Radio Station – Independently operated radio station providing live and recorded coverage of campus and greater Sackville including tourist information, workshops and training in all aspects of radio, exposure to local artists, recording studio, play high percentage of Canadian content.

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