June 21, 2009

Update--Ten Weeks From Mount Allison

So I've been busy lately and haven't posted very recently. I've been working on preparing for Berklee's Five-Week Performance program. Most recently I've been designing flyers and a Keynote presentation to show on our portable big screen TV. I also joined the apparently prestigious Tennis and Racquet Club because I needed to go somewhere close by that was inexpensive (haha...well inexpensive in terms of Boston's Back Bay). It's pretty swanky and has a long history...but I am most concerned with the gym...which is good enough for me. I've been trying to get in shape since I got back home...and going to the gym three times a week will really help.

Working at Berklee has been pretty interesting...course content aside the campus and everything about just college life is, unsurprisingly, completely different here. I'll write a bit more later on a few specifics.

It's not as though I'm keeping track...but I'm leaving to go back to Mount Allison ten weeks from this morning. 8:20 A.M. flight from Boston Logan International Airport to Halifax Stanfield International Airport...and then a connecting flight to Moncton...and from there a cab to Sackville. All of that seventy days from this morning...working until at least ten and then up probably early enough to get through security 90 minutes before the plane leaves.

I'll try and write more often than I have been. There's still a lot I could be writing about...more is coming soon.

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