June 5, 2009

Berklee College of Music: New Summer Programs Blog

Edit: The blog is currently down...see berklee.edu/summer for information if/until it is back up.

As part of my job as Summer Programs Assistant in the Student Activities Center at Berklee College of Music I'm managing a blog with information on events and activities for the school's (I always feel like calling it Berklee School of Music even thought it became a College 20 years before I was born...it just has a better ring to it) summer programs.

Berklee has 19 summer programs running the gambit from Music Business Education in L.A. to the Grief and Loss Music Therapy Institute and from Music for Video Games to Berklee's International Musicians English Language Institute. I'll be focusing primarily on news, events and activities for the 5-week performance program, which, according to Berklee is "the largest, most comprehensive summer music program available–anywhere" That's a pretty bold statement to make, and so is claiming Berklee College of Music "is the world's premier learning lab for the music of today—and tomorrow" but, the thing is, it is Berklee.

As I'm working full-time (and sometimes over-time) at Berklee until the night before I fly back to Mount Allison I'll be writing a fair bit about Berklee. If you want more information about the summer programs see the Berklee Summer Programs Website and Summer Student Activities Blog.

Below is an initial calendar of events for the summer also available on the Berklee Summer Student Activities Blog. [**Edit: No longer updated...see the summer programs category Berklee's new blog Berklee-blogs.com for up to date information about Berklee College of Music's Summer Programs**] Obviously there is far more to do at Berklee and in Boston to list on a calendar but it provides an overview of planned events and activities with an emphasis on the five-week program dates.

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