March 31, 2009

Mount Allison University Campus: Maps and Photos

I thought I'd share a few things with you.'s not very new anymore...but Mount Allison changed its homepage...and now has a semi-permanent link to the blogger site in addition to the rotating giant picture of a blogger.

The New Homepage:Below is the old map of campus...pretty plain and not very detailed:

The new map at detailed...but is a little outdated...the bookstore is now in the student centre.
Below are pictures around give you a better feel of campus. Hopefully one day Google will drive a streetview van through campus? But wishful thinking doesn't really get anybody anywhere. I did find out why in the streetview of Calais, Maine the van did not drive in the direction of the border, apparently it may have violated Canada's stronger privacy laws. But soon enough streetview is coming to 11 cities in Canada. It doesn't look like they're going to be stopping between St. John and Halifax...too bad.

The Old Student Centre...currently mostly unused except for Windsor Theatre:
Barclay (Chemisty Building):
Campbell Hall:
One of the many church in Sackville across from the Swan Pond:
Harper on left and Jennings Dining Hall in the centre:
Centennial Hall- (Houses Mount Allison's Dendrochronology Lab...and various offices):
The Chapel:
Campbell Hall:

The New Student Centre on the left, Bigelow and Bennet on the right:

The Athletic Centre
The Chapel on the left, the Owens Art Gallery on the right

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