February 19, 2009

Spring Break/Reading Week and Smarties/Rockets

So next week we have the week off of classes. It's called reading week here...well most people call it that or spring break...but I doubt all the students are going to be reading all week. I'm used to a two week winter break and a two week spring break...but this is good too. There is a time where students hit the wall and need time to relax and recharge (or catch up on their old work).

There are a few little differences that maybe I could be pointing out. For now there's just this one: Smarties in Canada are sugar coated chocolates while in the US they are fruit flavoured candies. In Canada, American Smarties are called Rockets.

Even though I've mostly lived in the US...if you offer me Smarties and give me Rockets I'm not going to talk to you again...honestly.

One other thing you'll notice right when you cross the border is higher prices. Price gouging is common all over Canada, but especially in small towns like Sackville where college students don't have any other choices. Think $4 for a slice of pizza or $3.50 for a bag of popcorn. Canadians might be used to it, but if you're coming to Mount A from the US especially don't be surprised at the higher prices. I'd recommend buying everything at home before you get here unless you like paying more money.

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