November 14, 2008


The last few weeks here have been pretty random. For example, on Monday I thought I would be bored to death all week...then somehow had a random Miyazaki movie night,

was convinced to go to a corny but fun "Junior Prom" fundraiser

and went on a tour of Mount Allison's underground tunnel system (pretty cool...but not somewhere I would want to be if the lights go out).

This weekend I'll be working on an essay about Science Fiction and Fantasy themes in Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five, a history essay on why Nova Scotia did not join the 13 colonies in the American Revolution, an article on Barack Obama, and article reviews from New Scientist. It'll be a lot of work but it is doable. Depending on your program and your work habits in high school you'll transition quite well or have a make some major changes to stay above water.

One thing that's pretty consistent is that there is almost no 'homework', but instead long-term essays and reading that you'll regret not working on regularly. For instance I'm halfway through an eight-page essay due next Friday, while I know more than a few people who will attempt to finish it on Thursday night. By November study habits have more or less stuck and you'll be either fine working steadily or rushing to make up a semester's worth of reading and writing. Sometimes the workload seems a bit overwhelming...but there's always someone to work on it with you or someone to distract you from it. There are three weeks of class, five exams, and then I'm going back home (currently Boston) for the first time since August. The first few months have seemed to fly by, and I'm looking forward to the next three and a half years at Mount Allison.

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