November 8, 2008

BNL Lead Singer Steven Page Avoids Jail Sentence

Along with what seems like every Canadian I know, I grew up listening to the Barenaked Ladies (and was lucky enough to see them live in Chicago, which was amazing). They were one of the only bands I listened to until I was around ten years old, so I was pretty surprised when I heard that lead signer Steven Page had been arrested for possession of cocaine. The thought had never crossed my mind that he would ever use hard drugs. I know that growing up I looked up to him and when I heard the news I felt badly for his very young fans (especially in light of BNL's new children's CD) discovering rather abruptly that everybody is flawed. I followed the story for a while, and was relieved to find out that he was given conditional release:

I hope that he'll do what he needs to in order to avoid jail time and more public scrutiny. Although there are many more that didn't get a second chance when caught, I'm glad he did because he can be an example for others.

I'm feeling a bit I'm going to end with two versions of an old song of theirs...I think you'll notice quite a difference.

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