October 19, 2008

Crazy Season (Midterms at Mount Allison)

Now that I've established why I chose to come to Mount A and why I'm writing this blog, I'll be posting shorter posts more often.

Now that it is well into October midterms have begun. During this time of the year there are students students scrambling around to get the notes for classes they've skipped, trying to read and memorize half the textbook for every class and generally trying to learn half a semester's worth of information.

If you haven't been on top of all of your assignments, reading and notes you'll be playing a lot of catch up. You'll find out that when the professors write what chapters in the text to read they actually mean it. If you haven't been doing things on your own. I myself had fallen behind on my economics reading, but caught up before the midterm. Some of the questions were directly from the book and nowhere else. I was lucky, but some people did not come to class enough or pay attention, or read the book for their classes and well....it's not pretty.

This week I'll be busy staying on top of my reading for all of my classes...because spending hours catching up days before the exam is not something I want to repeat.

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